Guest Blog: 101SONIC: “to DAW or Not to DAW”

101sonic on stage

Like many Musicians I do my music production on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as the possibilities are infinite! I create my music with my guitar and arrange on a DAW (Mainly I use Propeller’s Reason).  Once I have added the drum and bass, I can jam for hours with my guitar.

But this doesn’t mean I haven’t had problems with DAW’s. My main issue is that they are not made for live gig jamming. This has been an issue for me, like many musicians, I like to improvise on stage during a live performance.  Often with a DAW you have to give this up, which makes me ask the question, “to DAW or Not to DAW”?

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History Of Using Sampler / Loopers On The Stage: From the 80’s to 2017

E-mu Emulator II (sampler)
E-mu Emulator II (sampler) image from wikipedia

We first see samplers used in live performance as a secret piece of gear; like the  (E-mu Emulator ) at Depeche Mode’s Gigs in the 80’s. Some mistakingly say Depeche Mode was using a Synth on stage. Well Yes, but the E-mu was also a sampler, a sampler of synth!  Reproducing all songs Live on stage while performing, it’s difficult! If we have a short look into sampling history we can see why; Continue reading “History Of Using Sampler / Loopers On The Stage: From the 80’s to 2017”

OK, But How Can We Play This Live?!

How to play DAW's sound on the stage

Ok, but how can we play this live?!

Imagine; Everything is going perfect in the studio; creativity flowing, you’ve finally struck that ‘punch’ sound (what we might call a ‘secondary add’ to the music ) that changes a whole song’s character into something fantastic.

But then the realisation dawns, the music in the studio sounds great, “Ok, but how can we play this live?!” … 

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7 Perks of Becoming a Stage Looper BETA Tester


Stage Looper is a Live Performance Improviser App; it is designed to free musicians to play / sing/ perform on-stage live without pesky foot pedal loopers, sequencers or being tied behind a computer. This might not be a concern to most people, but to a musician the ability to play live with sounds one have made with music software in the studio are very difficult to transport to a stage environment. That’s why we created Stage Looper App.

But we need and want musicians to try it out and see if they like it before we release officially, that’s where BETA testing comes into it …

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