Why We Created Stage Looper App

Stage Looper App was launched in February 2017 by DejaWorks LTD. Our motivation behind creating Stage Looper App was to place the musician at the forefront of live on-stage music technology.

We understand the frustration of being confined to either producing DAW sounds in the studio or struggling to bring them to the stage, where relying on a computer or memorizing complex looper pedal sequences becomes a hindrance.

Out of this frustration, Stage Looper was born. We aimed to address the gap in the music technology industry by providing a solution that empowers musicians, rather than burdening them with cumbersome equipment that restricts their performance on stage.

We see Stage Looper App as a live performance assistant and accompaniment for musicians on stage. Unlike applications such as Ableton Live, which excel in DJ’ing, we recognize the need for a tool specifically tailored to the needs of performing musicians. While foot pedal loopers cater to guitar players, they often require significant attention and can be limiting, which may not suit the preferences of many musicians who prefer a more seamless experience on stage.

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