Who is Stage Looper App for?

Musicians, Musicians, Musicians!

Yes, first of all; This is not a gadget, widget or toy. Also not for the DJ’s (sorry).

It is for musicians who perform; singing, playing instrument who needs something that keeps everything under control in synchronised behind you. Like a secret assistant!

If you are a musician, looking for a handy tool to enable you to perform on-stage and live, with your DAW sounds made in the studio and are struggling to transport them to the stage without the hassle of loopers, sequencers and a computer of stage. Stage Looper is for you!

Stage Looper App is particularly useful to musicians who want to add their DAW studio sounds while need to have their hands-free to play an instrument.

What is the device/system requirements to be able to use Stage Looper App?

Stage Looper App, works with iOS iPhone (for iPad soon available) from iOS version 10.3 (current iOS version is 11.3)

Optional accessories: Any iOS bluetooth keyboard compatible foot controller can be used for hands-free use.

Also any iOS bluetooth keyboard can be used as foot controller. You need just SPACE key. Glue a thick foam on space bar, your foot controller is ready!

What DAW’s can I use for Stage Looper App?

Any; All DAW’s has export song capacity as wav, aif or mp3. It’s really up to you which one is more comfortable for you. Stage Looper works with all DAW’s in this regard.

What types of Audio Files work with Stage Looper App?

Stage Looper works with all standard audio file types wav, mp3, m4a, aif we’re still working on for various format.

Also created songs/project can be export/import as .stage file. This is an proper file type/extension which contain whole information in a single file.

What can I use instead of Stage Looper?

Nothing really. There is nothing on the market anything like Stage Looper App.

You could use a looper + a sequencer but these would tie you to either a multi-function foot-pedal or a computer.

Neither are ideal for distraction FREE live performance, especially when you can download Stage Looper App for a fraction of the price and unique comfort.

Who is Stage Loopers main competitors?

Again, nothing gives the on stage live performance ability like Stage Looper App, so in essence we have no competitors.

The closest competitors could be very expensive loopers pedals combined with a sequencer OR a computer Ableton Live installed and with many pre-configuration. It is not competitor to Boss RC-3000, and TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive series as they are based on realtime recording.

How to use Stage Looper?

Export Samples From DAW

Export your song’s parts as individual audio samples (like: intro.wav, verse.aif, chorus.mp3) from your DAW.(e.g. Propellerhead’s Reason, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, or any other)

Import Samples To Your Device

Import audio samples to play as backing track onto your iOS device with Stage Looper App via direct WI-FI or any cloud services (iCloud, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, etc.)

Sequence Backing Tracks

Sequence your audio sample backing tracks into musical composition structure. See your music. Define flexible / Loopable improvising parts of song and repeat counts for each pattern.

Perform Live Hands-FREE!

You’re ready to perform with one click; Play, Loop, Jump to the next song without waiting. No loading time. Control everything with one foot controller- one button – hands FREE!

Record’N Slice

Record your musical ideas to create your song structure. Keep best parts with built-in
song slicer.

Share With Bandmates

Share your created song / gig playlists with your bandmates, so you are all in sync during performance at Live Gigs, and share with likeminded friends.

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