Who is Stage Looper App for?

Stage Looper is designed with one group in mind – musicians! This isn’t just another gadget or toy; it’s a powerful tool crafted specifically for performers who take the stage. Sorry, DJs, this one’s not for you!

If you’re a musician seeking seamless control and synchronization behind you, think of Stage Looper as your trusty secret assistant. Whether you’re singing, playing an instrument, or both, this app is here to keep everything in perfect harmony.

Are you tired of lugging around cumbersome equipment and dealing with the complexities of loopers, sequencers, and computers on stage? Stage Looper has got you covered. It’s the ultimate solution for musicians who want to bring their studio-quality DAW sounds to life in a live performance setting – all while keeping their hands free to focus on their craft.

So, if you’re a musician looking for a convenient way to elevate your on-stage experience and seamlessly integrate your studio sounds, Stage Looper is your perfect companion.

What are the device/system requirements to use Stage Looper App?

Stage Looper App is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 15.5 or later.

For enhanced functionality, optional accessories such as a Bluetooth MIDI Controller or any iOS-compatible Bluetooth keyboard emulation foot controller can be used for hands-free operation.

What DAWs can I use with Stage Looper App?

You can use any DAW that has the capability to export songs in WAV, AIFF, or MP3 format. The choice is entirely yours; simply use the DAW that you find most comfortable. Stage Looper is compatible with all DAWs in this regard.

What types of audio files work with Stage Looper App?

Stage Looper is compatible with all standard audio file types, including WAV, MP3, M4A, and AIFF.

Additionally, songs and projects created within the app can be exported and imported as .stage files. This unique file type/extension contains all the necessary information within a single file, making it convenient for sharing and collaboration.

What MIDI controllers are compatible with Stage Looper?

Any MIDI controller that can connect and is recognized by the iOS operating system should work seamlessly with Stage Looper. It’s essential to set your MIDI controller as a custom MIDI controller rather than using it as a generic multimedia controller for optimal performance.

While we have primarily tested Stage Looper with the M-VAVE Bluetooth MIDI controller with four buttons and the AirTurn 200, we’re open to exploring compatibility with other MIDI controllers as well. If you’re using a different MIDI controller, please let us know so we can compile a comprehensive list for all users.

For more information and updates on compatible MIDI controllers, please check our dedicated page.

How to use Stage Looper?

Export Samples From DAW

Export your song’s parts as individual audio samples (like: intro.wav, verse.aif, chorus.mp3) from your DAW.(e.g. Propellerhead’s Reason, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, or any other)

Import Samples To Your Device

Import audio samples to play as backing track onto your iOS device with Stage Looper App via direct WI-FI or any cloud services (iCloud, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, etc.)

Sequence Backing Tracks

Sequence your audio sample backing tracks into musical composition structure. See your music. Define flexible / Loopable improvising parts of song and repeat counts for each pattern.

Perform Live Hands-FREE!

You’re ready to perform with one click; Play, Loop, Jump to the next song without waiting. No loading time. Control everything with one foot controller- one button – hands FREE!

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