MIDI Foot Controllers

M-VAVE Bluetooth Controller

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Stage Looper With M-VAVE

Recommended Settings

Download the CubeSuite App for Effortless Configuration of the M-VAVE Foot Controller. Select ‘Custom Control’ and configure as follows:

  • Assign Control#20 to Button A
  • Assign Control#21 to Button B
  • Assign Control#22 to Button C
  • Assign Control#23 to Button D

Next, in Stage Looper 2.0, enable the ‘Auto-Learn’ option for these buttons. That’s it! Your setup is complete.

AirTurn 200 Bluetooth Controller

We’ve received feedback from one of our Stage Looper users who reported that the AirTurn BT-200 works seamlessly with Stage Looper. They customized it using its app to function as a MIDI controller, providing smooth performance and enhanced control. While the AirTurn BT-200 may be a discontinued product, there is a successor with similar specifications: the AirTurn BT-500. This successor offers comparable features and functionality, ensuring compatibility with Stage Looper and providing users with a reliable MIDI controller option.


Let us know what controller you’re using so we can expand our list and ensure compatibility for all Stage Looper users.