The Ultimate WatchList of 2017

The artists we are most looking forward to listening to this year, some of them are even playing live, so catch tickets while you can, they are sure to zoom away….

The Baltic States – Sheffield, UK

This band is quickly becoming a big thing in the UK music industry; we can see why! Blending hypnotic vocals with haunting techo /eletronica. We are very excited about this band, they are certainly on the road to massive success!

you can follow them on FB as @thebalticstates and on Soundcloud. Download their music from BandCamp, and book your tickets to their next gig ASAP, they are bound to go quickly!

StereoFloat- Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This band is a little less known, but no less captivating. This music has a space travel feel to it; one can’t help feel one is drifting between cosmos’s when listening. Again we appreciate the simplicity of the sound. We think more fans should be following this band, and their pureness of musical vision.

you can follow StereoFloat on their Website, on FB and Soundcloud, or better yet buy their music on Bandcamp.

Bil Bless – Ventura, USA

Bil Bless describes themselves as an ‘amateur music maker’, but there is nothing amateur about this music. We are absolutely hooked on Bil Bless’s sound; it has a sophisticated complexity, weaving transient sounds into effortless tapestries. Tucked into a corner of Soundcloud and Bandcamp;  It’s like this musician has floated in from another planet, under the radar of mass music culture, to give us a musical awakening. We thoroughly recommend you check them out.

you can follow Bil Bless on Soundcloud or better yet buy their musically stunning albums from Bandcamp.

bilbless-sulk-jyra-stereofloat-thebalticstates-slack- 2017-WatchList
Clockwise from top-left to bottom left: Bil Bless, The Baltic States, JYRA, Stereofloat, Sulk, Slackk

Jyra / The Bearded Man – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fresh and Sharp; this artist gives us spring like waves, sparkling the tips of our ears. So clean is the sound, reflecting a clear musical goal. Keeping the sound light and fresh in this way gives JYRA a pop-like feel. We are super grateful for JYRA giving us a taste of summer in the the brisk air of spring.

you can follow JYRA  as @jyramusic on Twitter, FB and Instagram, or follow their music on Soundcloud.

Slackk – London, UK

We love how inventive Slackk is with their work, their compositions really are like no other. The mix the bizarre, absurd and eclectic to make music that is both catchy and musically profound. One can’t help but smile all the way through listening to their music, especially the little conversation fills. This is true absurd brilliance!

you can follow Slackk on Twitter as @Slackk, or listen to Slackk on Soundcloud.

Sulk – Record Label

Sulk is actually listed as a Record Label on Soundcloud which is a touch misleading. But its the work of one of its artists, Van Ness’s and his/her ‘Already Dead (OST)’ Album, that has got us transfixed.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what it is that makes this album so captivating, so it is a must listen to!

We can’t find any sign of Van Ness anywhere other than Soundcloud, so please check out their music on Sulk’s Soundcloud.

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