WatchList Special: ‘Germany’ – August 2017

The German Bands and Musicians to Watch this year…

BookaShade – Berlin, Germany

BookaShade practice a philosophical perspective on their work; after forming their own record label ‘Get Physical ‘in the 2000’s after finding that the electronic music industry was lacking emotion. Since then BookaShade have developed into a world wide sensation. Their music has an uncomplicated feeling, mixing in tribal beats to create a unique melodic dance sound. Their last album ‘Movement’ is a culmination of their musical sound and taste. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have this month.

you can follow BookaShade at; on social media via FB, TwitterSoundcloud and YouTube.

BookaShade are also booked to play in London this April, Catch them while you can!

StereoFloat- Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This band is a little less known, but no less captivating. This music has a space travel feel to it; one can’t help feel one is drifting between cosmos’s when listening. Again we appreciate the simplicity of the sound. We think more fans should be following this band, and their pureness of musical vision.

you can follow StereoFloat on FB and Soundcloud, or better yet buy their music on Bandcamp.

From left to right: Booka Shade, StereoFloat, Eisbrecher and Extrabreit


This band are from a genre of music labelled ‘Neue Deutsche Harte’, which roughly translates to ‘New German Hardness’. If it is electro/ rock /metal sound you are looking for, this is your band. We liked how Eisbrecher uses electronic sounds to add depth to their work, and their slightly unusual music videos on Youtube.

you can follow Eisbrecher at , On Social Media via FB, Twitter and Instagram. And listen to them via YouTube.


Extrabreit are part of the ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ music scene, roughly translated as ‘New German Wave’. Their music is heavily influenced by punk rock sounds, giving it a melancholic sound, guitar riffs featuring heavily also. In fact this was a band we thought would most benefit from StageLooper App as their like to improvise a lot on stage.

you can follow Extrabreit at and on FB.

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