WatchList Special: ‘UK’ – September 2017

Getting ready for the Autumn months and the gigging season to begin! We have chosen four of our favourite bands that we enjoyed this month and for you to check out …

Jon Hopkins – UK

After working with some of the biggest names in the industry we are glad that Jon has gone it alone; his sounds are crafted to melodic electro/dance perfection. Jon Hopkins regularly plays live, so catch him while you can over the summer, either; London, Helsinki, Ferropolis, Lyon. For more info on how to get tickets you can follow Jon Hopkins on his Website , as @jon_hopkins_ on Twitter, or as @jonhopkinsmusic on FB.

Reflecktor- Sheffield, UK

Reflecktor are a collective of musicians, DJ’s and producers creating their own brand of psychedelic indie electronica. Listening to this band is somewhat like taking an LSD trip; mixing in rock influences along the way; gives them a unique ‘made in sheffield’ sound.
You can follow on FB, or on Soundcloud.
We have a funny feeling this band is going to make it big one day.

The Baltic States – Sheffield, UK

This band is quickly becoming a big thing in the UK music industry; we can see why! Blending hypnotic vocals with haunting techo / electronica. We are very excited about this band, they are certainly on the road to massive success!

You can follow them on FB as @thebalticstates and on Soundcloud. Download their music from BandCamp, and book your tickets to their next gig ASAP, they are bound to go quickly!

From left to right: Jon Hopkins, Reflecktor, The Baltic States and Slackk

Slackk – London, UK

We love how inventive Slackk is with their work, their compositions really are like no other. The mix the bizarre, absurd and eclectic to make music that is both catchy and musically profound. One can’t help but smile all the way through listening to their music, especially the little conversation fills. This is true absurd brilliance!

You can follow Slackk on Twitter as @Slackk, or listen to Slackk on Soundcloud.

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