WatchList – Feb 2017

The musicians and bands we most enjoyed listening to this month; check them out before they make it ‘super big’, most are not that well know, at least yet… 

LeftField – London, UK

This quirky band blends subversive lyrics like ‘Head And Shoulders’,  with Prodigy-esque beats, to create an absolutely magnetic music. This band is clearly not afraid to take risks and make the music that says something! Their most recent release ‘alternative light source’ is a knockout, and deserving of critical acclaim.

You can follow Leftfield at; and on social media via FB and Twitter, and on SoundcloudYouTube, or buy the album here.

Michael Schack – Belgium

As a self proclaimed “AcouTronic Beat Freak”, Michael Schack is a unique character in the music industry. His mix of electronic music with Live performance drumming, makes him in fact the perfect musician for downloading StageLooper. We love how this maverick has made Live Stage Performance his own!

You can follow Michael Schack at, or on social media FB, Twitter and Instagram.  Ad buy his music on Bandcamp.

From left to right: LeftField, Michael Schack, Early Groovers and Bil Bless

Early Groovers – Iceland

This musician is a bit of a mystery, from what we can find out we think they are from Iceland., but really not sure at all. The sound of his album is unusual and thought provoking, blending dialogues and Electronic Trip hop into a sublime melodic textures. Surrounded in a fog of mystery, this work imitates what we know , or more accurately, don’t know about this artist.

You can Download / Listen to Early Groovers on Youtube and Amazon. We recommend that you do .

Bil Bless – Ventura, USA

Bil Bless describes themselves as an ‘amateur music maker’, but there is nothing amateur about this music. We are absolutely hooked on Bil Bless’s sound; it has a sophisticated complexity, weaving transient sounds into effortless tapestries. Tucked into a corner of Soundcloud and Bandcamp;  It’s like this musician has floated in from another planet, under the radar of mass music culture, to give us a musical awakening. We thoroughly recommend you check them out.

You can follow Bil Bless on Soundcloud or better yet buy their musically stunning albums from Bandcamp.

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