The Most Inspirational Musicians Of The ’90’s


In this era of electronic music the sounds developed into the mid 20’s to 30’s of adulthood. Reflective, more thoughtful than the 80’s era. The technology became much more user friendly and affordable; giving rise to amateur electronic musicians, and DJ’s. The musicians listed here  helped define an era, refining the electronic music sound, and developing the genre into the realm of serious music.

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Video: Create A New Song And Importing Audio Samples Via Direct Wi-Fi Transfer

Importing Audio Samples has traditionally been and major pain. At Stage Looper we have created an easy and fast way to import your audio samples. See here how to import your audio Samples with Direct Wi-Fi Transfer, NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED

Top Tips

  • Name your Samples with a Prefix / Suffix (e.g. intro_My Song Sample.wav ; My Song Sample_chorus.mp3) This will help to auto-create the patterns.
  • Whatever your audio samples format is will be converted to .m4a automatically in Stage Looper.

Video: The Heart Of Sequencer

Sequencers have traditionally been desktop based, following a left to right design for Studio. Stage Looper has reinvented the Sequencer for the Live Performer with a wholly unique design and functions. Playing live on Stage has never been so easy and fun!

Top Tips

  • Define patterns you want to loop live on stage as either “Loopable” or “Loop by Default”, in “Create” Mode.
  • Patterns defined as “Basic Play” will not be loopable in ‘Go Live’ Mode.

If You Can’t Move Your Gear From Your Studio To Stage, You Might As Well Not Have Them!


Mobility, mobility, mobility!

“If you can’t move your gear from your studio to stage, you might as well not have them!” . The sounds and synths you create, at home or in studio are often a vital part to a musicians unique sound. If you can’t transport them to the stage however, what’s the point of having them at all? Only for online store/sharing ? Continue reading “If You Can’t Move Your Gear From Your Studio To Stage, You Might As Well Not Have Them!”

The Most Inspirational Electronic Musicians Of The ’70’s

70's stage-looper-blog-jean-michel-jarre-pink-floyd-tangerine-dream-gary-numan-joy-division-kraftwerk

These were the baby years of electronic music; and truly amazing musicians working with electronica sounds were few and far between. For the time the equipment amazed with its technical complexity; however most musicians didn’t know how to use this alien technology. Computers were entering the music industry, how wild! These musicians are some of the best and bravest; pioneering a way forward for trailblazers after them….  Continue reading “The Most Inspirational Electronic Musicians Of The ’70’s”

Guest Blog: 101SONIC: “to DAW or Not to DAW”

101sonic on stage

Like many Musicians I do my music production on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as the possibilities are infinite! I create my music with my guitar and arrange on a DAW (Mainly I use Propeller’s Reason).  Once I have added the drum and bass, I can jam for hours with my guitar.

But this doesn’t mean I haven’t had problems with DAW’s. My main issue is that they are not made for live gig jamming. This has been an issue for me, like many musicians, I like to improvise on stage during a live performance.  Often with a DAW you have to give this up, which makes me ask the question, “to DAW or Not to DAW”?

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