WatchList Special: ‘Canada’ – March 2017

Watch out for these musicians in 2017, Ten of the best storming up the Canadian Music Scene this year…

Souldia – Rapper.

Music & Word’s Souldia: Beyond Violence describes Souldia, real name Kevin St-Laurent, as having an intense creative pace. It is hardly surprising; since releasing 5 albums since 2015, Souldia is clearly very productive, and determined. Which isn’t surprising considering his past. Souldia is hardly new to the Quebec City rap scene, however has mainly stayed relatively unknown globally over the past 15 years. We think 2017 is going to a break out year for Souldia, with his newest release “Sacrifice”, You can follow Souldia on FB, Twitter #souldia, or watch his “Krime Grave” video on Youtube

Odonis Odonis – Industrial post -gaze.

We are not quite sure what ‘post-gaze’ is as a music genre, but we have become firm fans of Odonis Odonis. A band form Toronto, Ontario; their album “Post Plague” is a knockout, if you havent already downloaded their music yet you should!  Odonis Odonis can be found on their FB Page , or better yet buy  their album “Post Plague” from Bandcamp!

From left to right: Souldia, Odonis Odonis, Timber Timbre and Kristian Sunflower


Made up of Taylor Kirk, Simon Trottier, Mathieu Charbonneau, Olivier Fairfield and Mika Posen. Despite continuing to play together regularly in Live event around Canada; this unusual band has got more quiet in recent years. We hope they have just gone into hibernation, busily working on their next album release. A quick listen to their song ‘Grand Canyon’ on YouTube from 2014 , give s a brief glimpse into the mad wild minds of these guys. you can follow Timber Timbre on FB, Twitter and Timber Timbre’s Website. Keep your eyes peeled!

Kristian Sunflower – DJ

Co-founder of SUMA, a collective of ecologically-minded artists exploring technology, community, and interactivity. He has been DJ’ing professionally in and around the Toronto scene and Canadian festival circuit for the last 15 years, and has opened for artists such as D-Nox, Ott, Phutureprimitive, and countless others in his time behind the decks. You can expect to hear melodically-infused deep house and techno rhythms that will get your root chakra bouncing!
Check out Kristian’s Music at Compliments to Architextures :: Karolina :: Transisco :: Kristian Sunflower

Lovelution‘s J ROY and Small World Music Society‘s resident MEDICINEMAN are also worth checking out this year. We look forward to the exciting music they are producing in 2017 and the events they are playing. 

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