If You Can’t Move Your Gear From Your Studio To Stage, You Might As Well Not Have Them!

Mobility, mobility, mobility!

“If you can’t move your gear from your studio to stage, you might as well not have them!” . The sounds and synths you create, at home or in studio are often a vital part to a musicians unique sound. If you can’t transport them to the stage however, what’s the point of having them at all? Only for online store/sharing ?

Musicians can access cheap or free instruments on computer. We compose, we export, share on the internet, the music lives in a virtual world. If this is your only aim that’s ok, but what if you want to perform live?

This is where we start to have a problem!

In previous posts we have discussed the importance of “mobility” when preparing to play a Live Gig.

A common joke between working musicians, it that when negotiating payment for a gig. Musicians argue ‘I’m not being paid for playing, the gig is FREE, but I need to be paid for moving my music gear’! It’s funny, true and an all too common problem for musicians and venue holders alike.

Moving instruments, samplers, cables and sound check are the most boring part of any event. Venues are also getting smaller.

Solo musicians have adapted by making their computer their main instrument, yet this isn’t very convenient for on stage performance.

Bands have really struggled, as they have a lot more gear. Many bands have given up in the up and down finances of gigging live. Often either moving permanently to the studio, or giving up forever on trying to make money out of their passion.

The lack of Mobility in transporting music gear is driving out small yet great bands. Making Live Performing a game only musicians with massive financial backing from record companies can afford; thus the rise of the super stadium gig.

The dilemma: it costs musicians to move their gear; however venues often can’t afford to pay for this. Thus Playing Live becomes an exclusive activity.

We just don’t think this is right!

There wasn’t much we could do to remove the cost of moving current gear, but we could invent an App that could transport all the depth and rich sounds that they had created in the studio/ on computer; onto the stage.

Stage Looper App is that App. Because, it is DAW free live performance tool, It is working like pre-sequenced sampler but with one touch (if you decide to add a foot switch) it is becoming a looper to improvise or jam on. Because it is an App it has all the mobility that is lacking in DAW’s, but makes it easy to play your samples and loop for playing Live.

Stage Looper is changing the way of bringing sound from studio to stage for live performing. It’s a new way, taking live performing to the next level.

Click Here to learn  more about becoming a Beta Tester for Stage Looper.

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