WatchList – April 2017

As the rainy days draw in over this month; these are the musicians whose music reflected the mood of the month best for us, and some that kept us motivated … 

Baauer -New York, USA

With over 900K followers on Soundcloud alone Baauer clearly isn’t a small time player in the music industry. One could describe Baauer as the ultimate R&B /Hip-Hop /Dance DJ/ Producer- it’s hard to contain Baauer into one genre it seems. Either way we enjoyed listening to his beats this week.

you can follow Baauer on Baaeur’s Website Soundcloud, and as @baauer on FB and Twitter. His music is also available to buy on iTunes.

Sulk – Record Label

Sulk is actually listed as a Record Label on Soundcloud which is a touch misleading. But its the work of one of its artists, Van Ness’s and his/her ‘Already Dead (OST)’ Album, that has got us transfixed.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what it is that makes this album so captivating, so it is a must listen to!

We can’t find any sign of Van Ness anywhere other than Soundcloud, so please check out their music on Sulk’s Soundcloud.

Noah Breakfast – Philadelphia, USA

Usually working as an accompany to other musicians tracks as producer/ songwriter/ Synth Consultant; this musician capacity for mixing unusual beats with soft melodic harmonies is clear. Smoothness overflows in this music. Our favourite track is Noah BReakfast’s Remix of ‘Shy Girls’.

you can follow as @noahbreakfast on FB, Twitter, Instagram; and on Soundcloud.

From left to right: Baauer, Sulk, Noah Breakfast, Lin and Gacha Bakraadze

Lin – we have no idea :s

This music is compositionally entrancing, we were surprised to find this jewel hidden in a corner of Soundcloud; absolutely amazing music! We have no idea what corner of the galaxy this musician is based, wherever he/she is from we look forward to more music streaming to us hopefully very shortly!

you can follow Lin on Lin’s Website, and/or Soundcloud.

Gacha Bakradze -“Transfigured Time”

On Gacha Bakradze’s location on Soundcloud is stated “Transfigured Time”. We have to agree, listing to their music is like being transported through time to an unknown magical place. The vocals are absolutely mesmerising!

you can follow Gacha Bakradze on Soundcloud and FB.

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