The Most Inspirational Musicians Of The ’00’s To Now

A maturity dawns with a new century; and the 00’s saw electronic music become mainstream. The added benefits of using electronic gear became clear to all and a mainstay of every good musicians toolkit. Whether it be compositional complexity or simplicity, electronic music has matured. These musicians are some of the best at displaying the unique virtues of electronic music. 


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Everything is ‘Yellow’. Lead by Chris Martin, for many Coldplay is the band of the 00’s; whether you are into electronic music or not. They summed up a feeling of the 00’s that no-one else really could touch. Much of it is to do with the simplicity of the music, mixed with electronic compositional backing-tracks, giving the lyrics power, and lasting depth of meaning.


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Striking out with the album ‘ Felt Mountain’ in 2000, it was the album ‘Black Cherry’ in 3 that made Alison Goldfapp and Will Gregory megastars almost overnight. However this band was no one-night sensation, Will Gregory had his roots in the band Tears for Fear and Alison Grodfrapp had previously worked with one of our inspirational bands of the 90’s; Orbital. You could say the Goldfrapp sound is a mix of glam-rock and synth-pop; but that have mastered a breadth of sounds over their many albums. They are still working today and releasing outstanding music.

The Glitch Mob

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This performance focussed, Los Angeles based band gave us a number of single releases, before finally giving us the album ‘Drink The Sea’ in 2010. And what an album it is. In a era of music where it is difficult to transport studio sounds to the stage this self-funded band does everything to overcome those obstacles. Driving home the importance of on-stage performance for musicians, it nice to see these guys doing for themselves.

Animal Collective

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From Baltimore, U.S.A gave us ‘Here Comes the Indian’ in 2003; ‘Strawberry Jam’ in 2007 and the standout tune ‘My Girls from ‘Merryweather Post Pavilion’ album in 2008. We would call their sound indie-electric-pop; and it just goes to show how electronic music can be used for all sorts of musical genres, evolving a diversity of sounds.

LCD Soundsystem

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This American rock band, fronted by James Murphy, began life in Brooklyn, N.Y. Reaching great success in the 00’s, peaking with the album ‘ This is Happening’ in 2010. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2011, but the front man James Murphy is still a musician to look out for in 2017 as he has continued to produce outstanding music.

Something A La Mode

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This band reminds us of Daft Punk in their earlier days; just going to show how electronic music is evolving, adapting all the time. Their album ‘S.A.L.M; Something A La Mode; released in  2009 gave electronic music a more symphonic sound.


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This french duo; came to massive critical acclaim in 2007 with their record ‘†’. 2007 was really the year for this pair  and it has taken them some time to produce their next album, but boy was it worth the wait, with ‘Woman’ releasing in 2016. Their music has a refined elegance to it that makes it very listenable.


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