7 Perks of Becoming a Stage Looper BETA Tester

Stage Looper is a Live Performance Improviser App; it is designed to free musicians to play / sing/ perform on-stage live without pesky foot pedal loopers, sequencers or being tied behind a computer. This might not be a concern to most people, but to a musician the ability to play live with sounds one have made with music software in the studio are very difficult to transport to a stage environment. That’s why we created Stage Looper App.

But we need and want musicians to try it out and see if they like it before we release officially, that’s where BETA testing comes into it …

A BETA Tester is a person who signs up to get Mobile Apps (often for free) by trying out the App and giving a little bit of Feedback.

Sound Good right? well yes it is, and here are some of the main reasons why becoming a Stage Looper BETA Tester is pretty awesome … and how to sign up…

We Need You! Calling For BETA Testers…
  1. You get Stage Looper Completely Free! While other have to pay for the App you get it completely free; no matter how many updates or if you use it every day all day (thats what we want you to do), it will always be free for you. We recognise that becoming a BETA tester for Stage Looper you are supporting us from the very beginning of our journey. We appreciate that, and we think you should be rewarded with FREE lifetime usage of Stage Looper.
  2. You get the newest update before anyone else! While everyone else is wondering what the next update is going to bring in new features and functions, you get them first! Watch as your friends try and get a glimpse of newest version of Stage Looper App on your Device. You don’t have to wait like everyone else, you automatically get everything first!
  3. You become a valued part of the Stage Looper community; as a BETA tester we send you monthly email newsletter keeping you informed of what we are up to before anyone else!
  4. Pioneer; you are the first to discover the next hot App before anyone else; it is an enviable position in any friend group or workplace. “Haven’t hear of Stage Looper yet, OMG, have you been living in a cupboard!! lol”.
  5. Expert Status; you get special priority on Stage Looper Forum as a BETA; other users look to you as an expert in the field and will turn to as such; this is a privileged position that only few musicians can hope to achieve, after many months building a reputation on the forum; but you get it automatically as a BETA tester!
  6. You don’t have to do anything ; just start playing with Stage Looper and tell us what you think. What we love even more is when you share with us your stories of using Stage Looper, either in Stage Looper Forum, in a blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are always happy to hear from you!
  7. To become a BETA tester all you have to do is fill out a simple form! We will do the rest. As soon as Stage Looper releases on Apple AppStore, you get an automatic invite from Apple, No Fuss!

So what are you waiting for? Become a Stage Looper BETA Tester today, Click Here to Learn More. 

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