WatchList – May 2017

This month has a distinctly Rave flavour as we have opted for our favourite Dj’s this month; and catch these DJ’s Live if you can, nothing’s quite like a Rave Atmosphere….

Stanni & Honneck – Darmstadt, Germany

Members Alex Bukalow and Eric Schellenberg, make up Stanni & Honneck; a Techno DJ pair from Darmstadt. Their sound has an industrial grunge flavour that borders on the Garage music genre, mixed in with touches of instrumentals. In the early hours of raving these guys help rearrange the brain fibres.

you can follow Stanni & Honneck on FB and Soundcloud

Jyra / The Bearded Man – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fresh and Sharp; this artist gives us spring like waves, sparkling the tips of our ears. So clean is the sound, reflecting a clear musical goal. Keeping the sound light and fresh in this way gives JYRA a pop-like feel. We are super gretful for JYRA giving us a taste of summer in the the brisk air of spring.

you can follow JYRA  as @jyramusic on Twitter, FB and Instagram, or follow their music on Soundcloud.

From left to right: Stanni & Honneck, Jyra/ The Bearded Man and Netsky

Netsky – Antwerp, Belgium

Netsky, reportedly named after Netscape the now long forgotten internet browser. Thankfully Netsky lasted longer than Netscape, and is now, I think it’s ok to say, very very successful indeed. Blending the uplifting with the melancholic into complex melodies; and mixing with heavy dancefloor bass and beats. It’s hardly surprising that we, like everyone else, have fallen for Netsky’s musical charms.  

you can follow Netsky at , on Social Media via Twitter, FB and Instagram, or follow Netsky’s music on Soundcloud or any other online outlet.

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