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What is Stage Looper?

Stage Lopper App; is an iOS application that enables musicians to play live on stage without the hassle of loopers/sequencers. It does this by integrating looper/sequencer methods with the practicalities of live performance. This app completely reinvents what Live Performance Technology can be; giving musicians the flexibility and improvisabiylty to play live with ease!

Why Stage Looper?

Unlike other music tech companies, who put profit first, we put musicians centre stage of our app design; we designed Stage Looper with the musician first and what you need and asked for in live performance technology. It’s what makes us different, and Stage Looper the app that every musician needs for their next performance.


Start-up Screen of Stage Looper App

Key Features of Stage Looper

  • Plan and visual your sound with intuitive way.
  • Take your Music from Studio to Stage
  • Easy Live Performance, one “action” button control by finger/foot switch.
  • Keep everything in sync
  • Improvise Hands FREE music app
  • Don’t be a slave to your computer, Stage Looper will flow you.
  • Makes your music mobile.
  • Unique playing for every gig, improvise on the Fly
  • Bring your signature sounds from studio to live performance
  • Don’t stick to timeframes or sequencer limitation
  • DAW FREE; Playback anything you’ve created in your favourite  DAW
  • Import your samples,  take them to your gig, perform live and and improvise on that
  • Create personalised song library
  • Create many playlists for different gigs and music bands you work with
  • Share your song structure between your band member

Steps to use Stage Looper

Export Samples from DAW

Export your favourite sounds from your Daw (like: Propellerhead’s Reason, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, etc.), onto Stage Looper App.

Import Samples to Your Device

Import you own samples onto your iOS device with Stage Looper App via direct WI-FI or any cloud services (iCloud, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, etc.)

Arrange your Samples

Arrange and order/sequence into musical composition structure
& Define flexible / Loopable improvising points of song.

Create Gig / Song Playlists

Create many Playlists for every gig you play, every one of them is improvisable. from your song library

Perform Live Hands-FREE!

Jump to the next song without waiting. No loading time. Control everything with one foot controller- one button – hands FREE!

Share with Bandmates

Share your created song / gig playlists with your bandmates, so you are all in sync during performance at Live Gigs, and share with likeminded friends.

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