Guest Blog: 101SONIC: “to DAW or Not to DAW”

101sonic on stage

Like many Musicians I do my music production on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as the possibilities are infinite! I create my music with my guitar and arrange on a DAW (Mainly I use Propeller’s Reason).  Once I have added the drum and bass, I can jam for hours with my guitar.

But this doesn’t mean I haven’t had problems with DAW’s. My main issue is that they are not made for live gig jamming. This has been an issue for me, like many musicians, I like to improvise on stage during a live performance.  Often with a DAW you have to give this up, which makes me ask the question, “to DAW or Not to DAW”?

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OK, But How Can We Play This Live?!

How to play DAW's sound on the stage

Ok, but how can we play this live?!

Imagine; Everything is going perfect in the studio; creativity flowing, you’ve finally struck that ‘punch’ sound (what we might call a ‘secondary add’ to the music ) that changes a whole song’s character into something fantastic.

But then the realisation dawns, the music in the studio sounds great, “Ok, but how can we play this live?!” … 

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