The Most Inspirational Electronic Musicians Of The ’70’s

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These were the baby years of electronic music; and truly amazing musicians working with electronica sounds were few and far between. For the time the equipment amazed with its technical complexity; however most musicians didn’t know how to use this alien technology. Computers were entering the music industry, how wild! These musicians are some of the best and bravest; pioneering a way forward for trailblazers after them….¬† Continue reading “The Most Inspirational Electronic Musicians Of The ’70’s”

7 Perks of Becoming a Stage Looper BETA Tester


Stage Looper is a Live Performance¬†Improviser App; it is designed to free musicians to play / sing/ perform on-stage live without pesky foot pedal loopers, sequencers or being tied behind a computer. This might not be a concern to most people, but to a musician the ability to play live with sounds one have made with music software in the studio are very difficult to transport to a stage environment. That’s why we created Stage Looper App.

But we need and want musicians to try it out and see if they like it before we release officially, that’s where BETA testing comes into it …

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